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All parts are genuine or direct from the original equipment manufacturer. These are the exact same parts we use in the workshop, so are well proven. There are loads of "How To" articles on the site, but if you buy the parts from us and you get stuck, we fit them day in and day out so will be able to give you some pointers if you get in contact via your email address or phone number that you ordered with.


   Alfa Romeo 4C Ecu. Part Number 55267643
Engine Variants: 1750 TBi
Brand: Bosch
Description: ECU. STAGE 1 tune, this is the standard Alfa ECU remapped to 280bhp 420 Nm. Turbocharged petrol engines have always been regarded as the sports flagship engine for good reason. They boast far higher power & torque figures than a non-turbocharged power-plant with similar displacement. They are also ideal candidates for programming as the ECU also controls the wastegate (turbo boost pressure control) thus allowing more air to be pumped into the engine and the more air in the more power you can get out. Performance Category: Fast Road.
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Part No: 55267643
Availabilities: 10 In Stock
Our Price:£990.00 inc VAT
Excluding VAT:

   Alfa Romeo 4C Ecu. Part Number ECU310HP
Engine Variants: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: ECU. STAGE 2 tune, This is a bespoke ECU for the 4C, It comes with a tune for the standard engine which gives 300 bhp, 20 bhp up on our cloned ECU which is already the fastest tune over a 1/4 of a mile on the Alfa 4C forum. The ECU is fully programmable and can cope with any state of tune. It has a revised launch control strategy, a raised rev limit. It can then be programmed to control a pressure type waste gate which opens a whole new world of possibilities for tuning and is required if you want to run a bigger turbo. This is a plug and play component and it has none of the boost pressure limits of the standard Alfa ECU. Also includes lead CANDB9.
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Part No: ECU310HP
Availabilities: 1 In Stock
Our Price:£2,220.00 inc VAT
Excluding VAT:1+ £1850.00
5+ £1,637.50
10+ £1,467.50

   Alfa Romeo 4C Ecu. Part Number CANDB9
Engine Variants: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: Lead. CAN USB Interface-DB9. This lead is needed to program the race ecu from a windows operating system.
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Part No: CANDB9
Availabilities: 3 In Stock
Our Price:£120.00 inc VAT
Excluding VAT:1+ £100.00
5+ £93.75
10+ £88.75

   Alfa Romeo 4C Ecu. Part Number DELTALOGDB9
Engine Variants: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: Lead. CAN-USB Deltalog DB9. This is a programming lead for the race ECU but it also records engine data to an SD card so you can check the engine parameters at a later date. .
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Availabilities: 2 In Stock
Our Price:£225.00 inc VAT
Excluding VAT:1+ £187.50
5+ £178.13
10+ £170.63

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