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How To Remove The Interior Door Card On A 147 or GT

If you're planning on changing a broken exterior door handle or window regulator you will need to remove the door card first

Prise off the cover by the interior door release handle.

Undo the retaining bolt with a 5mm allen key.

Prise the panel off....

....and unclip the connector.

Prise off the cover to the interior pull to handle.

Undo the 5mm bolt.

Prise out the window switch...

....and disconnect.

Undo the second 5mm bolt on the pull to handle.

Prise off the wing mirror corner trim.

Undo the screw for the puddle light and x3 more screws along the bottom of the door card.

You can now remove the door card which is only held on by x3 push fittings either side....

....but don't forget to unplug the puddle light.

If you now plan to take out the door handle please go to How To Remove A Broken Door Handle

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