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Removing The Drive Shafts From An Alfa 159/Brera

You may want to replace a CV boot or a leaking drive shaft seal. Primary the same process for all models. This 'How To' is based on the 159 1750 TBi.

Undo the 17mm wheel bolts and remove the wheel.

Tap out the top of the hub nut that locks into the spline at the end of the CV joint. Now undo the 36mm hub nut.

Undo the x2 T30 (TORX) screws to the wheel arch side panel.

Remove the x2 6mm allen and x8 T30 screws to the undertray.

Undo the 21mm nut on the E18 fork bolt.

Undo the 21mm lower wishbone ball joint nut.

Use a ball joint splitter to separate the ball joint from the bottom of the pillar, if you don't have one then a few choice strikes with a copper hammer to the side at the bottom of the pillar will have the same effect.

Supporting the weight use a copper hammer to smash seven bells out of the end of the CV joint until it is persuaded to exit the front hub (we actually broke a hammer on this one....just as well we had a spare!)

Undo the 10mm gearbox sump plug and drain the gearbox oil into a suitable waste container then replace the plug.

To remove the right hand drive shaft undo the x3 10mm bolts.

Unclip the the ABS sensor so that you can swing the pillar to make room to pull the shaft out.

To remove the left hand drive shaft it's the same process as the right only there's no bolts, you need to prise it out from the back of the cup (there's a small circular spring clip on the end of the shaft that holds it in the gearbox).

When it's all back together the gearbox filler plug (8mm allen) is located behind the battery tray.

On some models the battery and tray may be in the way, if so go to 'Removing The Battery And It's Tray From A 159/Brera'.

Using a funnel fill up to the recommended amount. Manual gearboxes use Tutela Car Matryx manual gearbox oil (75W/85).

If you're planning on dropping the sub frame next please look at our 'How To' Removing The Front Sub Frame From A 159/Brera.

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