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Removing The Battery And Battery Tray From An Alfa 159/Brera

Before disconnecting the battery make sure the KEY IS OUT OF THE IGNITION AND AWAY FROM THE CAR. Depending on which model the position and fixing of the battery may vary a little. This 'How To' is based on a 159 1750 TBi.

Disconnect the negative terminal to the battery.

Push in the x2 retaining clips to remove the cover from the branch control unit.

Undo the 10mm bolt to the positive terminal and the x2 Phillips screws with the red tabs.

Undo the 13mm nut to the battery strap.

You can now lift the battery out.

Push in the tab of the connector to release it from the bracket.

Unclip the wiring loom to the engine ECU from the battery tray. Push the top yellow securing clip down and pull the bottom yellow clip up.

Pull the plastic lever down and lift the slider to unplug the top connector to the ECU. The bottom one you pull the plastic lever up and push the slider down.

Now just undo the x3 13mm bolts to the battery tray and take the tray out.

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