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All parts are genuine or direct from the original equipment manufacturer. These are the exact same parts we use in the workshop, so are well proven. There are loads of "How To" articles on the site, but if you buy the parts from us and you get stuck, we fit them day in and day out so will be able to give you some pointers if you get in contact via your email address or phone number that you ordered with.


   Alfa Romeo  Engine. Part Number 71775093
Model/Variant: 4C: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: Engine If you want the ultimate performance modification this is probably it, 2.0 Litre engine with power outputs up to 500 Bhp if required! This engine is built to touring car specifications. This engine has a new crankshaft, Arrow H beam con rods, Omega forged pistons, camshafts, tubular exhaust manifold and Twin scroll turbo charger, race ECU. This is a bespoke product and can be manufactured to any specification you require. Performance Category: Race.
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Part No: 71775093
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   Alfa Romeo  Engine. Part Number 71775095
Alfa Romeo  Engine. Part Number 71775095  Alfa Romeo  Engine. Part Number 71775095
Model/Variant: 4C: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: Cylinder Head Gas flowed (exchange unit). This is a service we offer for the 4C, The standard cylinder head is optimised by Alfa Romeo to give significant turbulence in the combustion chamber, this helps to get a very good burn at low power outputs when the engine is running in stratified charge operation, however it is not optimal for large power outputs. The gas flowing of the cylinder head adds to top end power by removing some of this disturbance to the air flow. This will add around 25 bhp to the engine output while still maintaining the same boost pressure.
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Part No: 71775095
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