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Removing The Front Sub Frame From An Alfa 159/Brera

Sub frames on the 159/Brera are prone for rotting. The exhaust, engine mounts and a few other fitments will vary depending on what model car you're working on but the logistics are the same. This 'How To' is based on the 159 1750 TBi. Sub frame part number for 4x2 models is 96520393




If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this repair in our workshop for the 159 is £1524.00 or for the Brera £1524.00

Undo the 17mm wheel bolts and remove the wheel.

Undo the x2 T30 (TORX) screws to the wheel arch side panel.

Remove the x2 6mm allen and x8 T30 screws to the under tray.

Undo the 21mm nut on the E18 fork bolt.

Undo the 21mm lower wishbone ball joint nut.

Use a ball joint splitter to separate the ball joint from the bottom of the pillar, if you don't have one then a few choice strikes with a copper hammer to the side at the bottom of the pillar will have the same effect.

Using a 5mm allen key and a 18mm ring spanner undo the top nut on the front drop link. Repeat these stages for both sides.

Undo the top 18mm nut and bottom E18 bolt to the sub frame support bracket on both sides.

On the left hand side of the sub frame undo the 10mm bolt and 10mm nut to the power steering hose.

There's also a 10mm bolt to the power steering pipe on the front cross member.

Undo the E20 bolts to the steering rack on either side.

Undo the 22mm lambda sensor and the x3 11mm nuts to the exhaust flange.

There's x2 13mm nuts to the exhaust bracket.

The exhaust clamp is 16mm. Now remove the exhaust section.

Mark the position of the front sub frame...

....and the rear (otherwise you will have to do a four wheel alignment when you put it back on).

Undo the x2 E14 bolts to the gearbox mount.

The x2 bolts for the sump mount are the same.

You need to support the radiator for when the sub frame is dropped so prise a gap between the x2 top rubber mounts then thread a cable tie through and around a secure part of the radiator.

Support the sub frame.

Undo the x2 E24 bolts for the front mounts of the sub frame on both sides.

Undo the x1 E20 plus x2 24mm bolts at the rear for both sides.

The sub frame is now free to be lowered down.

If you're planning on removing the gearbox then go to our 'How To' on Replacing The Clutch, Concentric Slave Cylinder, Flywheel and Rear Main Oil Seal On A 159/Brera 1750 Tbi.

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