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Converting An After Market Window Regulator To Fit A 916 GTV/Spider

If you're replacing the window regulator (and if it's NEW then only after market are available) then there's a small modification you have to make, replacing the original top runner but if it's the earlier model without the window drop down then you also have have to replace the original bottom runner. This guide is based on the LEFT hand window regulator.

It's always worth checking the part works before you start to modify it. Attach a power probe to the connector making sure it runs smoothly, if you haven't got one of those then plug it into the original wiring loom.

Drill out the retaining rivet on the top runner of the old window regulator with a 6mm drill bit and remove the runner.

Slide in the runner wheels on the new arms.

Flip the whole thing over and place the first rivet in the hole you drilled IN FRONT of the rear runner wheel then another rivet in the existing hole BEHIND the runner wheel, thus trapping the wheel.

For models without the micro switch for the 'window drop' the bottom runner on the original regulator should be longer than the one on the after market version. Drill out one of the stops on the original bottom runner.

File down the rest of the stop so that it's flat.

On the bottom runner on the new regulator, bend the stop tag flat and remove the runner.

The diameter of the runner wheel on the new arm is too wide to fit the original runner so it needs to be reduced. This is a bit tricky but we managed it with a small hand held grinder. The wheel doesn't have to be round, you can evenly flatten two adjacent sides.

Slide the adjusted runner wheel into the original bottom runner and use a rivet in the hole you drilled as a stop.
Grease all relevant parts.

Unfortunately we couldn't use the original spring on the new unit as they are mismatched. The spring is to aid the motor lifting the window.

The last thing to do is to remove the x2 8mm nuts on the micro switch activating block (if you wish you can also remove the micro switch).

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