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Removing The Bumper And Headlights From A Brera

If you're not just planning on removing the bumper for a respray or because of the last road kill but need to replace a headlight or radiator instead then you need to follow this first. This "How To" is based on the 3.2 JTS.

Remove all of the undertray fixings.

Undo the two Phillips screws on the wheel arch liner,

and the 8mm top bolt on both sides.

Along the top of the bonnet slam panel undo the four T27 (Torx) screws.

Pull the sides of the bumper away from its clips.

The bumper is now free apart from unplugging the two fog light connectors.

To remove the headlights undo the two T27 screws on top,

and the one at the bottom,

then unclip the headlight connector.

If you now want to remove the radiator go to Brera radiator removal.

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