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Changing The Oil & Oil Filter On A Stelvio/Giulia 2.0 (280hp)

The 2.0 doesn't have a dip stop looking for one!! This 'How To' is based on the Stelvio. Oil filter 50048919 and Selenia Digitek Pure Energy oil 0W-30 13893701

Undo all the under tray fixings (x17 T30, x2 T25 with penny washers and x2 with out)....

...and remove the under tray.

Undo the 13mm sump plug.

Drain the oil into a suitable waste container.

Undo the oil filter and drain the remains of the oil.

Smear engine oil over the oil filters seal, clean the surface area where the oil filter screws back on then replace the filter and sump plug.

Unscrew the oil filler cap and fill up with *litres of Selenia Digitek Pure Energy 0W-30 fully synthetic engine oil.

To check the oil level go to our 'How To' on Checking The Engine Oil Level On A Stelvio 2.0.

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