AlfaWorks 4C And Race Prepped Mito 2.0 Litre Conversions Fourth Coming Article In Auto Italia Magazine

AlfaWorks first road 4C 2.0 litre engine conversion and our race prepped MiTo from early last year (also with a 2.0 engine conversion) went out and about for a photo shoot with Michael Ward from Auto Italia magazine.

The 4C is customer-owned and has been fitted with many of the AlfaWorks modifications and performance upgrades, we're pretty sure this jewel will spend most of its life on a track with its brutal 2.0 Litre 410hp engine.

Our MiTo engine is lifted from a 4C with the same 2.0 litre engine conversion only with a manual gearbox pumping a hefty 404hp.

Both cars will feature in Auto Italia magazines April edition so keep your eyes peeled on their Latest Issue page.

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