Alfa Romeos For Sale
Alfa Romeo 4C 2.0l 410bhp
2017 Alfa Romeo 4C 2.0l 410bhp £58,000
Alfa Romeo MiTo 0.9 Twin air
2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo 0.9 Twin air £4,995
Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0L TS
1999 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0L TS £2,800
Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Lusso 16v
2010 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Lusso 16v £2,100
Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD Lusso
2008 Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD Lusso £1,250
Alfa Romeo MiTo Cloverleaf 170 HP TCT
2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo Cloverleaf 170 HP TCT £6,500
Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 JTDm Black line
2007 Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 JTDm Black line £1,600
Alfa Romeos For Sale

Put your Alfa Romeo up For Sale for FREE

Our web site gets over 40,000 unique visitors and 250,000 page views per month, many of whom are dedicated Alfisti so make sure you get your car seen by as many people as possible by advertising FREE with us (trade adverts are also FREE).

What you'll need to advertise your car to best effect is:

1/. V5C Registration Document

2/. MOT Certificates (preferably scanned)

3/. 10 well composed digital photos, no bigger than 1MB each (Photo Resizer).

4/. Service History Invoices (preferably scanned)

Helpful hints:

- Quality. We want to foster top quality advertisements in an exclusively Alfa Romeo enthusiast environment. So a full detailed description that includes disclosure of the cars faults (ALL cars have them!) is requested, so that all the basic questions have been answered before that time consuming business of viewing. To this end, we will be actively promoting the best ads and possibly rejecting the worst.

Check your spelling with Google's excellent ToolBar and have a look at what we consider to be a good example of an advert.

- Photos. Use lower size and quality settings on your camera; A 100kB image file looks almost the same as a 10MB one on a computer screen, but the smaller one will be a hundred times quicker to upload! (Photo Resizer) Get your car valeted first and take your pictures in an attractive environment when the light is really good (but it doesn't need to be sunny). Blanking off the first two letters the registration number (these can be edited off on your computer or on the car), take shots of each quarter, a couple of the interior and the engine, together with close-ups of any imperfections to match your description. A picture really does paint a thousand words.

- Service History. This is an important selling point with Alfa Romeos, so it's well worth scanning all this stuff (including MOT Certificates) into the Service History form. Blank off the name and address portion of the invoice with a Post-It note, or edit it out on your computer.

- Security. We provide a message system so there's no need to publish private phone numbers or email addresses in your advert. In fact, we discourage you to do so, as once you've let the globe know them, you can't get them back. Likewise, as above, disguise the non year part of your number plate and the names and addresses on the service invoices. See also our general selling you car page

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