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Fitting An AlfaWorks Bespoke Stage 2 tuned ECU To A 4C

The stage 2 tune comes with mounting bolts and an in line lambda cable.




If you would like to book yourself in for this service, the price in our workshop is £2259.00

Take off the engine cover.

Hold down the ratchet clamp securing clip on the top right of the ECU and pull the clamp....

.....all the way back. Unplug the loom connector then release the left hand side in the same way.

Undo the x4 10mm bolts to the ECU and remove the ECU.

Take the Stage 2 ECU....

....add the bolts with spacers and positioning the wiring loom as shown....

....bolt into place.

Plug in the wiring loom.

Locate the lower lambda sensor connector down the left side of the engine.

Unplug it....

....and plug in the inline lambda cable to both ends. Secure the cable.

This connector is for the CAN lead to plug into to programme the ECU.

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