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84,000 Mile (140,000 km) Service For A Giulietta 1.6/2.0 Diesel

Check tyre tread depth, pressure and the side wall for damage or bulges.

Is your rubber still safe?

Check all lights (side lights, hazard lights, interior lights and dash lights).

The Light of your could well be!

Check condition of the wiper blades and that the washer jets hit their mark.

Can you see clearly now the rain has gone?

Check condition of brake pads, discs and the wear warning indicator.

Keeping a it something I said?

Inspect bodywork and underside of car for damage, check aerodynamic aids, pipes and hoses, brake lines, rubber boots and gaiters.

Take a look at your under carriage.

Check and lubricate all door locks, bonnet and boot catch.

It's an open and shut case!

Check and adjust the handbrake.

Top up fluid levels (coolant, screen wash and brake fluid if it's not being replaced).

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Check emissions and the engine management system on an examiner.

Oil service light, reset and GO!

Replace oil ,oil filter and sump plug washer.

Oil & filter change

Replace air filter (dusty conditions, NOT the UK).

Replacing the air filter.

Replace pollen filter (optional extra).

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